15 Oct
Watercolor Music

I have a symphony in my head and heart when I do watercolors.  I'm not very good at it yet.  My paintings definitely are done by the beginner that I am.  However, when I look at the colors, how they come together on the page, I feel joy. At the end of the class I'm looking at a beautiful product and I have to ask myself...did I really creat this?

I did!  I really did!

Many different things are going on in my life right now, but the one thing that I'm consistently looking forward to is that weekly watercolor class.  I start out aprehensive and excited...what will I learn today? After I listen to the instruction, I take a chance!  I mix colors without fear, I slap that color on the paper, and things come out!  There are very few areas in my life where I take crazy chances.  I tend to overthink things.  But in watercolors, I move without over-thinking, and most of the time I hit that perfect inner artistic note at least once each class time.

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