27 Aug

There are fourteen feathers in this small vase.  It sits on my counter, and reminds me of the importance of appreciating simple things.  It was my mother's.  She kept it on a special place on her counter.  She found each of these feathers while watering her plants, which shs did every morning.  She was like that, collecting rocks, feather, pieces of nature she found interesing and beautiful.

When I was young I used to hate yardwork.  I thought it boring and hated to sweat!  I still don't enjoy sweating, but I find myself gardening more and more these days.  It makes me happy to feel closer to Mama.  I look for feathers as I garden.

It's been two years since her passing. I miss her some days more than others.  I'm glad to have these feathers, these small reminders of her.

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