28 Jul
Progress, Not Perfection

The journey starts with a single step...

A few weeks ago I wrote about my Feng Shui journey.  Today I am happy to report progress.  The living room and the breakfast nook are a done deal.  I accomplished this by setting the timer on my phone for 10 minutes and tackling a spot, a small area, a pile.  I combined this practice with a quick write afterwards, reflecting on my experience. At the end of each session I texted a before and after picture to a friend/coach, along with a picture of my writing.  This has helped me stay accountable and on-track.

What I have learned...

1. A little bit at a time works for me because it keeps it manageable. It reduces the excuses of being too busy.  The "I don't have time" is really not a real factor.  Who doesn't have ten minutes? Sometimes I've had to write before tidying up, in order to clear my mind.

2. This is my journey, not someone else's. Working with my friend who is training to be a life coach has been very helpful.  Initially I agreed to work on a problem because she needed a guinea pig to video coach.  I've stuck with it because it is working for me.  I am doing this my way, the way it works for me.  It is important I don't judge myself for the way I "should" be de-cluttering my house.

3. A deadline keeps me focused.  It was very helpful to have a target date for the first 15 days.  I was having a small gathering at my house (socially distant, of course) but I knew even if we stayed in the back yard, someone would have to go in to use the bathroom.  So I worked diligently for 15 days straight, at 10 minutes a day to clear the living room, and path to the guest bathroom.

The journey is not over...

Since that event, I have continued to work on different parts of my house.  I have continued to de-clutter by setting the stopwatch on my phone and working on a particular room until I get tired. This has allowed me to get bigger chunks done.  I've added days to the journey and I am on day 21.  These are not consecutive days any more, but still, there is progress.

When I find myself avoiding the task, I tell myself that I can do 10 minutes, and that I can choose the easiest stuff to move or get rid of first.  I still write and send my coach updates on the days I do Feng Shui.  This is still not a joyful journey for me.  Still, I look around and see progress, and I'm filled with pride at how much I've managed to do.  Knowing that I have a weekly zoom meeting with my coach keeps me focused on doing something before we meet again. 

I feel positive about continuing to make progress, because that is what it's all about for me.  Progress, not perfection.  

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